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Architectural Green Building
Environmental-friendly Building Products. Innovation and competiveness in the building sector by enabling the introduction and widespread use of next-generation building energy technologies
  • CMU
    The beauty of incorporating Genest concrete masonry units into a building design is it’s versatility. Concrete blocks can give a structural anchor to a building and really complete a design.
  • Stormwater Brick 4 x 8
    The Stormwater Brick 4” x 8” permeable paving stone allows for stormwater to seep down into the aggregate base to recharge the water table, filter and reduce pollutant.
  • Stormwater Brick 5 x11
    The Stormwater Brick 5” x 11” is a perfect fit for larger commercial applications such as parking lots, roadways, commercial entrances and industrial subdivisions.
  • Omni Block
    High R Value Insulated Block
  • Duragreen
    Duragreen’s open grid design permits 100% absorption of rainfall. The design and size of each unit ensures fast and easy installation. Duragreen maintains greenspaces in lightly trafficked areas.

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