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Architectural Masonry
Established in 1934, Genest Concrete Works, Inc. is the leading producer of architectural concrete masonry and interlocking pavement products in Northern New England. Texture, color and shape play an important role in design. Genest has a portfolio of architectural concrete products that continues to grow with the creative minds that design with our products.
  • CMU
    The beauty of incorporating Genest concrete masonry units into a building design is it’s versatility. Concrete blocks can give a structural anchor to a building and really complete a design.
  • Easy Brick
    Genest Easy Brick is a concrete masonry product that is available as either structural load-bearing or veneer units. Easy Brick offers the aesthetic beauty of brick with all the advantages and value of concrete masonry.
  • Mirra-Tex
    Genest Mirra-Tex ground face block offers you additional design versatility that today’s architectural projects demand. Our Mirra-Tex ground face surface exposes the natural beauty of our aggregates along with our brilliant, rich and warm colors.
  • Mirra-Tex Plus
    Genest Mirra-Tex Plus ground face polished block goes through the same manufacturing process as our Mirra-Tex ground face block. We then polish the surface to produce a shiny reflective surface similar to that of polished marble or granite.
  • Pierra-Tex
    Pierra-Tex surfaces have a subtle texture created by shadows from shallow divots in the block's face.
  • Omni Block
    High R Value Insulated Block
  • Smooth Face Block
    The Genest Smooth Face block provides a clean pallet of color for all your design needs. Using colored smooth face block in combination with other Genest surface textures offers outstanding design flexibility.
  • Split Face Block
    Genest Split Face Blocks surface textures create an inconsistent series of shadows and highlights resulting in our most highly textured product. No two blocks are alike which enhances the appearance of the finished building.
  • Insulated Masonry
    Concrete masonry wall construction provides a variety of insulating options. The choice of insulation will depend on the desired thermal properties, conditions, ease of construction and costs.
  • Glass Block
    An architectural element made from glass used in areas where privacy or visual obscuration is desired while admitting light, such as underground parking garages, washrooms, and municipal swimming baths.
  • Acoustical Masonry
    Attractive, economical and efficient sound absorbing masonry block are your solution to noise control problems in masonry construction. They are excellent for use in industrial buildings, school gymnasiums or wherever you need to reduce noise.
  • Manchester Block
    Manchester Block’s larger sizes add appeal and distinction to any building project. They lend strength, style and a bold look of traditional architecture when used as base course banding or for large scale architectural projects. Textures including
  • Ribbed Face Block
    Genest Ribbed Face block create a contemporary look to any building design. We offer either four or eight individual split units. Set them against our textured blocks for a dynamic striking contrast in in building designs.
  • Scored Face Block
    Genest Scored Face blocks offer yet another building design option for architects. Whether it’s used as an accent or as the main feature in the building design, the range of textures and colors create unlimited opportunities.

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