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Architectural Masonry
Established in 1934, Genest Concrete Works, Inc. is the leading producer of architectural concrete masonry and interlocking pavement products in Northern New England. Texture, color and shape play an important role in design. Genest has a portfolio of architectural concrete products that continues to grow with the creative minds that design with our products.
  • Glass Block
    Glass Block
    An architectural element made from glass used in areas where privacy or visual obscuration is desired while admitting light, such as underground parking garages, washrooms, and municipal swimming baths.
    To learn more about their products please visit the manufacturer's web site by clicking on the logo below:

    How to contact a Genest representative:

    To speak with our Sales Manager:
    Call Ray Petrarca at (207) 324-3250 ext. 118
    Or email him directly by clicking the link here.
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    Architectural Masonry

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