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Clay Brick
Morin, Pinehall, Redland, Summitville, Triangle. Variety, aesthetic appeal, flexibility, and construction advantages
  • Brick's variety, aesthetic appeal, flexibility, and construction advantages make it ideal in meeting the design and building challenges of today
  • Many styles of brick including face brick, pavers, and special shapes. Each brick is carefully crafted and then fired to almost 2000 degrees to give it enduring color and strength.
  • The rich texture, color, and appeal of Redland Brick machine moulded brick enhances the appearance of any building, and creates a classic look that will stand the test of time
  • Summitville Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven service characteristics
  • Extensive collection of products give the assurance that any architectural accents chosen can be incorporated with complete confidence that any special-shape bricks will blend gracefully with their neighboring face bricks
  • Waterstruck brick is known throughout the architectural community as the real thing

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