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Interlocking Concrete Paving Stones
Since 1987 Genest paving stones have been installed on small town walkways, busy plazas, hectic city sidewalks and well dressed patios throughout New England. Genest paving stones can be used for practically any kind of pavement and are preferred over conventional asphalt and poured concrete because of their beauty, low maintenance and ease of replacement when subsurface repairs are needed.
  • Harborline
    Harborline Brick has all the subtle characteristics of an old hand made brick. Perfect for sidewalks, pathways and patios. Harborline is also available with the Pierra-Tex finish and colors.
  • Katahdin Stone
    Genest Katahdin Stone has the texture of natural stone and an antiqued edge. With four blended colors that can be used on their own or mixed together you can easily match the colors of your landscape.
  • Tidewater Stone
    Genest Tidewater Stone is a completely new kind of paving surface. The antiqued edges and wide color range make it a great fit for an outdoor living space,
  • Stormwater Brick 4 x 8
    The Stormwater Brick 4” x 8” permeable paving stone allows for stormwater to seep down into the aggregate base to recharge the water table, filter and reduce pollutant.
  • Stormwater Brick 5 x11
    The Stormwater Brick 5” x 11” is a perfect fit for larger commercial applications such as parking lots, roadways, commercial entrances and industrial subdivisions.
  • Acadia Stone
    Acadia Stone was designed to give the feel of a rustic courtyard. The Acadia Stone is available in a six size stone pattern which give you an intricate, textured blend of color for designing patios, walkways and driveways.
  • Baxter Stone
    Baxter Stone is a favorite choice for creating a landscape with flowing design. The signature edges of this paver imitate the curved waves of natural stone. Baxter Stone comes in four different shapes as well as a matching circle paver.
  • Baxter Stone Circle
    Baxter Stone Circle Pack has four different shapes to create circles, fans and sweeping curves that enhance the landscape with flowing designs.
  • Chamberlain Stone
    Chamberlain Stone is a perfect blend of rustic stone texture and natural stone color. The two sizes allow you to follow a set pattern or design them in a random fashion. Chamberlain Stone is also available with the Pierra-Tex finish and colors.
  • Hollandstone
    The Hollandstone paver successfully combines the traditional look of brick with the durability of concrete. Available in a variety of colors, Hollandstone offers endless possibilities for elegant designs.
  • Hollandstone ADA
    Hollandstone ADA paver is manufactured in accordance with current standards set forth by the American Disabilities ACT (ADA). It’s distinctive shape blends well with city sidewalks.
  • Duragreen
    Duragreen’s open grid design permits 100% absorption of rainfall. The design and size of each unit ensures fast and easy installation. Duragreen maintains greenspaces in lightly trafficked areas.
  • Courtyard Squares
    Courtyard squares are an excellent design solution for large, high-traffic pedestrian areas. Courtyard Squared can cover a lot of ground efficiently and durably. The three sizes allow you to create a variety of patterns.
  • Eastern Bay Stone
    Eastern Bay Stone can be installed as a conventional paver or a permeable paving stone.

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