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Stormwater Management Products
Tidewater Stone, Stormwater Brick 5" x 11", Stormwater Brick 4" x 8" & Duragreen. The Genest Stormwater Control products used as part of a permeable pavement system is an excellent way to control runoff water. The aggregate base used in the system helps to filter and reduce pollutants. The ground water is recharged because the water is not running off the pavement. Not only does it collect and properly handle storm water, but provides a functional and attractive paving solution.
  • Tidewater Stone
    Genest Tidewater Stone is a completely new kind of paving surface. The antiqued edges and wide color range make it a great fit for an outdoor living space,
  • Stormwater Brick 4 x 8
    The Stormwater Brick 4” x 8” permeable paving stone allows for stormwater to seep down into the aggregate base to recharge the water table, filter and reduce pollutant.
  • Stormwater Brick 5 x11
    The Stormwater Brick 5” x 11” is a perfect fit for larger commercial applications such as parking lots, roadways, commercial entrances and industrial subdivisions.
  • Duragreen
    Duragreen’s open grid design permits 100% absorption of rainfall. The design and size of each unit ensures fast and easy installation. Duragreen maintains greenspaces in lightly trafficked areas.
  • Eastern Bay Stone
    Eastern Bay Stone can be installed as a conventional paver or a permeable paving stone.

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